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We are the sole distributor in Malaysia for the following products. Individual purchase or retail enquiries are most welcome.

CD: The Chant of Metta
Metta is a Pali word meaning loving-kindness. ...
CD: Halo'd Triumphs
Jayamangalagatha - depicts the triumph of the creative power of goodness over the destructive force of evil.
Book: Essentials of Insight Meditation Practice by sujiva
A Pragmatic Approach to Vipassana...
Book: A Whisper in the Woods-contemplative haiku by rasika quek
Rasika's collectionof 200 haiku poems with a distinct vipassana flavour...
T-shirt: Home is where the heart is
T-shirt with meaningful messages...


We provide the following services-both professional services as well as community services in line with our Mission Statement.

Desktop publishing
Specialised in publication of quality dharma books and magazines. ...
Design work- T-shirt, book/magazine covers, cards
Specialised in designing meaningful and spiritual uplifting messages...
Community Service - weekly Thurs Vipassana sittings
Come and join our meditation classes...
Community Service - weekly Tues MCKS Pranic Healing Therapy Clinic
Free healing ...
Community Service - Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary - Fund-raising project
Do visit for more information...

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