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Book: Essentials of Insight Meditation Practice

A Pragmatic Approach to Vipassana by Venerable Sujiva
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315 pp. / 7.5 x 9.5 inches / hardcover / RM57.00
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This book, written by well-known Malaysian meditation teacher Venerable Sujivo, is an enhanced edition of his previous work, A Pragmatic Approach to the Practice of Vipassana Meditation published more than a decade ago.
It has the look and feel of a quality American text-book on management. But it is all about managing the vipassana practice at the spiritual level—especially relevant for the laity. Some knowledge of the Buddha Dhamma is assumed. The essentials of the Satipatthana Vipassana meditation technique are explained together with the basic preparatory instructions. The various sitting and walking postures are more than amply illustrated to guide even the novice yogi into the practice. Elsewhere, liberal doses of nature photographs and inspiring side notes taken from the Udana, Itivuttaka, etc. help break the textual monotony. This book is a treasury of all things sundry connected with Vipassana. For instance, the writer provides useful pointers on sharpening one’s faculties, skill in entering into concentration and proffers three models in understanding the progress of meditation as propounded by the writer himself.
As with most text books on Vipassana, this book also deals with the methods of overcoming the hindrances and obstructions to meditative practice. Here, the reader will find the writer’s suggestions and techniques in dealing with the five hindrances comprehensive and easy to apply, if he makes the desired effort.
Useful appendices previously published elsewhere such as on the
Five Hindrances, Concept and Reality, Dilemmas Along the Journey, Practical Vipassana Meditation Exercises, The Foundations of Mindfulness have been included.
The patient reader will find this book a veritable gold mine beckoning one to take that step and make that effort to attain Freedom. It can help the meditator avoid unnecessary mistakes and make his journey smoother.

Review written by Rasika Quek is a quantity surveyor by profession and a vipassana meditator and teacher.

About the author

Venerable Sujiva is a well-known Buddhist Theravadin monk who has deovted his early years to the teaching of vipassana meditation in Malaysia. He is also very well-respected by his students for his compassion, skilful guidance and deep understanding of the Buddha's teaching. The Venerable has conducted countless vipassana retreats at the Santisukharama hermitage in Kota Tinggi, Johor, Malaysia since 1982.
Another milestone in the development of his teaching of vipassana meditation occurred in 1996 when he began conducting retreats aborad, particularly in Australia. Since then he has held numerous retreats in Hong Kong, New Zealand, Republic of Czech, Republic of Slovakia, Sweden, Italy and the United States. He has also conducted meditation workshops and discussions during a brief stay in Switzerland in 1999. An Abhidhamma course was also held that year in the United States and Hong Kong.
The Venerable donned the robes shortly after graduating from the University of Malaya with an honours degree in Agricultural Science in 1975. During his monastic training, he practised uner several distinguished meditation masters, notably Ovadacariya Sayadaw U Pandita of Myanmar.
He has authored a number of books on Vipassana Meditation and Budhist poetry.


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